Our pasta factory


Since its launch in 1999, the brand Cessi has made its way to the top and has become number one in Slovakia.

Besides pasta of our own label, we make products for the largest shop chains and we have been a supplier for the company Nestlé for 20 years.


Why pasta?

It is a perfect source of carbohydrates with low energy value. The content of proteins and fibre depends on pasta made with or without eggs, or on the type of flour it is made of. Ready-made pasta from the shop is basic food in the household used for making quick, cheap and nutritious dishes.


How to prepare tasty pasta

  • Pasta needs enough space so as not to stick together.
  • We use 3 litres of water for 250 g pasta, for 500 g - 5 litres are enough.
  • Pasta needs to be cooked in boiling water. It has to be boiling prior to putting the pasta in. The pot then needs to be covered. When the water boils, we remove the cover.
  • When the water starts to boil, we add salt and pasta, we stir immediately to avoid pasta sticking together and to the bottom.
  • Long pasta (spaghetti, macaroni) is not broken but we wait until it gets tender in the water and bends.
  • We cook pasta until it is supple when pressed by a nail.
  • When the pasta is ready, we drain it and rinse with hot water when served warm, with cold water when we use it to make a salad or bake.
  • We immediately mix the drained pasta with the prepared sauce.
  • When pasta is baked, it often sticks to the walls of pots. We prevent it by spreading oil or melted butter on those walls. If the dish contains some sauce, we spread it on the walls.
  • On order for the pasta not to get hard when baked, we cover the whole area of surface with a thick layer of sauce. We can use aluminium foil to cover the baking bowl.

We move forward thanks to modern and effective production

Since 1999, when the brand Cessi was launched, we have been continuously innovating our products. We regularly invest in the new technology and we produce quality products more effectively.

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